1,048 Points of light

Be a Point of Light

1000 Points of Light is an intentional initiative created to help us shift our perspective and open our eyes to the everyday opportunities that God sets before each and every one us.
Between May and September, our hope is to make 1000 intentional points of light in our community and around the world. 
A point of light is any action that shares the love of Jesus by encouraging, supporting, praying, loving, or giving to someone in need that day.
So whether you, encourage a stranger, help your neighbor, support a co-worker, pray for a family member or lead someone in making a life changing decision to follow Jesus Christ, do it with intentionality and purpose, knowing that you are being a light in the darkness. 
The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it. 
John 1:5 

Recent Points of Light

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it.

John 1:5

I reconnected with a work colleague who has had some life challenges resulting in mental health issues. As a result of our text conversation, she suggested we get together in September. She is an avowed atheist and knows I’m a Christian. Praying to be a blessing to her.

Gave a donation to a single mother asking for money at the groceries store

When my coworker said she was feeling better, I was brave enough to tell her we’d prayed for her the night before.

I’ve been cooking and doing dishes for other people.

Encouraged a colleague at work who was feeling frustrated.

I helped a person by rescuing their garbage can that was in the middle of street

I met a friend for coffee & was able to encourage them about a tough work situation.

I invited a new family from church over for dinner.

Today I met someone by a bus stop and shared Jesus with them.

I helped some individuals move-in to Waterloo.

Loaned the lawnmower to a neighbour that needed it.

Got together with my family and cousins to pray for and lift up my Grandfather who is suffering from a painful nerve condition.