1,048 Points of light

Be a Point of Light

1000 Points of Light is an intentional initiative created to help us shift our perspective and open our eyes to the everyday opportunities that God sets before each and every one us.
Between May and September, our hope is to make 1000 intentional points of light in our community and around the world. 
A point of light is any action that shares the love of Jesus by encouraging, supporting, praying, loving, or giving to someone in need that day.
So whether you, encourage a stranger, help your neighbor, support a co-worker, pray for a family member or lead someone in making a life changing decision to follow Jesus Christ, do it with intentionality and purpose, knowing that you are being a light in the darkness. 
The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it. 
John 1:5 

Recent Points of Light

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it.

John 1:5

I took a long walk with my Mom while she talked about some of her struggles. I was able to encourage her.

I sat down with a stranger in a Tim Hortons who looked like they were having a sad day and took some time to encourage them and pray for them.

I bought Tim’s for my co workers. As Educators I felt we needed a pick me up.

I prayed with a friend for her to receive the Holy spirit. She has been searching for his power to be evident and doesn’t seem to feel like she can get access. I continue to pray.

Today I prayed for two people who came out to a joint fellowship on campus at the University of Waterloo.

I initiated a conversation to reconcile over a misunderstanding with a family member from five years ago. I don’t know how well it will be received, but I’m entrusting the process to God today.

Today I was picking up a coffee at a coffee shop that I frequent often. I noticed that one of the regular workers was not looking his normal cheerful self so I took a moment to ask him how he was doing and how his day was going. We ended up laughing and having a great conversation. I ended the conversation by letting him know that I would pray for him today. I couldn’t believe his genuine thankfulness for this simple act. I’m amazed at how God can use such a simple point of kindness to impact someone in a really big way.

Donated to a fund in support of a former work colleague of my brother whose wife has cancer.

I empowered a student to have a role of more authority, and he felt supported and encouraged.

I responded kindly to a confrontational comment at work and looked after the job the other dept was responsible for. I got a gentle “thank you” back and an acknowledgement that yes, that normally is their job.

I was able to connect my neighbour with a friend of mine who both speak the same language. My neighbour is very lonely and doesn’t speak much English so finding someone to connect with her in her language was very meaningful to her! My friend is a Christian but my neighbour is not. I believe the relationship will be very purposeful!

Took dinner to a senior, ate with her and visited for several hours. She was so happy.