1000 Points of Light

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Be a Point of Light

1000 Points of Light is an intentional initiative created to help us shift our perspective and open our eyes to the everyday opportunities that God sets before each and every one us.
Between May and September, our hope is to make 1000 intentional points of light in our community and around the world. 
A point of light is any action that shares the love of Jesus by encouraging, supporting, praying, loving, or giving to someone in need that day.
So whether you, encourage a stranger, help your neighbor, support a co-worker, pray for a family member or lead someone in making a life changing decision to follow Jesus Christ, do it with intentionality and purpose, knowing that you are being a light in the darkness. 
The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it. 
John 1:5 
  • Actions that encourages, supports or shares the love of Jesus.

Recent Points of Light

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it.

John 1:5

Bought 50 timbits for my coworkers before I finished my shift (they still had another 4 hours to go) 👍🏿

I offered to buy my colleague coffee as they were exhausted before we were set to give a presentation.

Encouraged a colleague at work who was feeling frustrated.

Supported a coworker by standing beside her while she made a hard phone call! As well as encourage her that she is doing amazing things even though she’s been told otherwise by family!!

Bought a yummy meal for a homeless person. He loved it! 🙂

Gave money to someone to help with a personal issue.

I knit a dozen toques for donation to the KW Out of the Cold Program.

I reached out to some first-year students coming back from their first co-op term so they know that they have a friend to connect with.

An old friend experiencing medical emergency. Made a donation to fund raiser.

Treated two friends to the “Annual Potluck Salad Supper”.

Whenever we have a guest blog post come in at work, I find something that is uniquely meaningful to me and tell the author about it (encourage them). I’ve been told this is very unique and uplifting to them, especially if they’ve not written much before but have something on their heart to share 🙂

Lydia Herrlich

I shared the gospel with someone who is 14. I asked her what she would like to studybwhen she goes to university…evolution of man was her answer…. What a leeway. I shared with her the purpose of her life in light of the cross. She was open. I pray holy spirit will draw her in.