Reading the Word

Reading your bible is an essential part of every Christians faith. The Bible is our compass, it teaches us our history and tells us the Truth of God’s ways and how we should live our lives. As a church, WPA began a renewed emphasis on reading our bible this week and we’ve put together three simple ways that you as an individual can be involved in biblical engagement with your church.

Scribe | Memorization | Reflect


This one is not for the faint of heart. You’ll be writing out the entire book of Acts. We’ve put together a journal that you can use, it’s 100% free and you can pick yours up during office hours at the church or on Sunday mornings during church in the Foyer.


For those want to avoid the hand cramps but have no problem with some brain strain we’ve put together a Flip-book for you. We’re challenging you to learn each block of scripture, one per week. Just like the Scribe journals, the Memorization flip-books are available at no cost at the office during work hours or on Sunday mornings.


Maybe neither of the first two options were for you. We are all wonderfully and uniquely made by God. If the first two options didn’t fit your learning style that we invite you to join the conversation on Facebook. Monday through Thursday we post a section of scripture from the Book of Acts and Reflect on it together as a community. Simply read the scripture and let us know what stood out to you and why. Comment on other peoples post and don’t be shy, we can all benefit from each other’s insights.

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