I Want to See – Week 3

Throw Off

Encounter how we can go to Jesus with our struggles and develop an eye-opening faith.


Read Mark 10:42-56 & Hebrews 11

Pray for 5 minutes each day. This week, think deeply about the habits you’ve developed during Covid-19, asking God to reveal the good and bad ones.


1. What are some new habits you’ve developed over the last 8 weeks of Isolation?

2. Would you define these habits as helpful or harmful? Are there any habits you had that you’ve let go of?

3. Where are you including God in your habits?

HACK: If you really want an honest look at your habits, ask your parent about your isolation habits.

4. How can P. Andrew and your small group leader pray for you this week? Email P. Andrew (andrew@wpa.church) with your requests.