NLYM Devo – Week 2

Fear Less (Devotional Week 2)

Read Mark 4:35-41 & Matthew 14:22-33
Pray for 5 minutes each day asking God to fill you with peace and to show you the wonderful things in your life.
The Psalm you just read has a really cool tie-in to Jesus’ ministry. Even though Jesus would not be around for another 500 to 600 years, there is a lot of parallel between it and Jesus’ ministry. As the disciples witness Jesus calming the storm around them, this psalm surely would have come to mind. As you go about your week, remember that in Jesus we can find the blessing of stillness and peace from the turmoil of this season!
  1. How do you see Psalm 107 tying into Mark 4:35-41 & Matthew 14:22-33?
  2. As you read this Psalm, what emotions, feelings, thoughts, or ideas come up for you?
  3. What would you say is the largest “storm” in your life today? How can God bring peace to it today?
  4. How can P. Andrew and your small group leader pray for you this week? Email Pastor Andrew with your requests.
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