NLYM Devo – Week 3


Fear Less | Week 3


Read Mark 14:12-15:47

Pray for 5 minutes each day reflecting on Jesus’ love and grace in your life.


The verses you just read come from the disciple Peter as he declares to those gathered in Jerusalem that death was no match for Jesus. As you go about your week leading up to Good Friday & Easter Sunday, remember that Jesus has conquered death! There is nothing in this world that we need to fear, even Covid-19.

1. What feelings and emotions does this passage stir up? Why?

2. What does Good Friday and Easter Sunday mean for you and your family?

3. How can you share love and grace to others this week?

4. How can P. Andrew and your small group leader pray for you this week? Reply to this email or text P. Andrew (519-362-7005) with your requests.

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