Parables of Jesus

New Series!

Over the next 8 weeks, we’ll be journeying through the most confusing parables of Jesus. We are really excited to be offering 3 ways you can engage in this series each week:

  1. Fridays at 7pm – We’ll be introducing a parable each week at Zoom Meet Ups
  2. Mondays – We’ll be sharing a special follow up post online and on Instagram
  3. Tuesdays at 6pm – We’ll be hosting a 1 hour Zoom call, diving deeper into the context of Friday’s parable and discussing how it may apply to a Covid-19 world. 

Here’s a video from The Bible Project and a few thoughts from Pastor Andrew about how to read the parables.

Hey! Its Pastor Andrew. Have you ever thought about why Jesus used so many parables?┬áIts ok if you haven’t. Jesus was a master storyteller, and many of his most well-known teachings were told as parables. But these stories were designed to do much more than simply “teach.” Jesus said the parables were designed to both reveal and conceal his message about the arrival of God’s Kingdom.

There are 3 distinct types of parables; parables about what the Kingdom of God is like, parables about the values of this Kingdom, and parables that serve as a mirror to our own selves and alignment with this Kingdom.

As we journey through these 8 weeks, here are some simple things to keep in mind when you try to interpret what Jesus is getting at in each parable:

  • Always look at the ending (last line/phrase) of the parable. This can often be illuminating to understanding Jesus’ point.
  • Try your best to find the main character or object that the parable is built on.
  • Look for the scene that Jesus is speaking this parable in. It could be back quite a bit depending on the parable.
  • Ask yourself: Why did the gospel writer preserve this one? What are they trying to say about Jesus and the Kingdom of God.
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