Zoom Login Protocol

All Zoom Calls will be recorded for security purposes only. All participants have the option to turn off their video and audio feeds once in meeting.

  1. Please join the meeting through your Zoom App or at https://www.zoom.us/join
  2. Provide the Meeting ID, Password, and include your first and last name in your screen name. If your screen name does not include your first and last name, you will need to log out in order to change it. 
  3. Allow your camera & audio. You will have an option to turn them off in the call.
  4. Enter the “waiting room” and wait for us to admit you into the call. This may take a few moments so be patient and don’t log out. If you are missing information, we’ll send you a message in the waiting room chat to let you know. You will need to let Pastor Andrew know your screen name if it does not include your first & last name so we know its you.
  5. You’re in! Have Fun!