Considering Paradigms within our Relationships

We all have paradigms (concepts, thought patters, theories & standards) when it comes to how we relate to each other. Some are healthy but some can create the pain and hurt we feel. Many times we don’t even realize we have a paradigm until things go wrong, and then we’re left to pick up the pieces. 

This January, we explored three paradigms with Stella Mfoafo-M’Carthy (Therapist) that hold us back from God and unity with others – Shame, Power & Control, & Boundaries.

Week 1 – Resources on SHAME

Week 2 – Resources on POWER & CONTROL

Week 3 – Resources on BOUNDARIES

Please reach out to Pastor Andrew if you would like to discuss any of these resources further and how you might be able to implement some of these principals with the people in your life.