Bible Engagement

Connecting with God’s Word is an essential part of every Christian’s faith. The Bible is our compass, teaching us our history, telling us God’s ways about how we should live our lives. As a church, WPA has placed a renewed emphasis on bible engagement and we are continuing this initiative by working through the Book of Exodus over the next eight weeks.

We have put together three simple ways that you can engage with us and along with your church family.

Praying the Bible

Prayer is a vital discipline for every Christian. Each weekday you will follow a prayer guide that we have created for you. It’s FREE and you can have one mailed directly to your home by the church while supplies last. 

Drawing the Bible

Creativity is a God given gift that we can utilize to help not just ourselves but others as well when it comes to interpreting the many details hidden in scripture. Each day you will read a portion of scripture from the Book of Exodus and then select of scripture that stands out to you. Using that portion of scripture, illustrate the imagery of the verse. Just like the prayer guide, we have created a draw book that can be mailed directly to your home. Use the 

Share your work on social media platforms by using the hashtag #wpadrawingthebible


We’ll be sending out via email on Monday mornings a specific portion of scripture that you’ll be challenged to memorize.

Looking for digital copies?

If you are waiting for your phsical resource to be mailed to you or if you just want a digital copy of either the Prayer Book or Drawing book, we have them available for you here.


Beginning February 8th for eight weeks, we will be sending out one email weekly, with discussion questions, scriptures, and a short video teaching from one of our pastors tailored for you and your children. All you need to do is subscribe!

Contact Pastor Kathy at for details and hit the button below to subscribe.

Genesis Exodus

Watch this video made by The Bible Project to get a good overview of the book of Exodus

If you questions, please feel free to contact one of our pastors. Click the button below.