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Pia Baldos

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A little about this group.

Bayanihan (buy-uh-nee-hun) is a part of Philippine culture that turns ordinary folks into heroes. The practice of Bayanihan is at the core of every Filipino community everywhere in the world.

Bayanihan is derived from the Tagalog root word “bayan”, which means town or community. The term also refers to the spirit of unity and cooperation.

The concept of Bayanihan traces back to a time in our country’s history when the entire community lent a helping hand to a family who is moving to a new place. The relocation involves moving the family’s belongings and the physical transfer of the family’s house (yes, the entire structure) to its new location.

Every member of this small group experienced and practised the spirit of bayanihan when they came to Canada. Newcomers experienced the love of Jesus Christ through the support of each member.

As a small group we want to continue this practice here in KW to showcase not just our culture but the love of Jesus Christ.

Our group continues to meet online through Skype every Sunday from 6-7pm. Occasionally, we gather to share Filipino homecooked meals. Everyone is welcome!


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