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Xingyu Shui

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A little about this group.

Did you know that Jesus never called his followers “Christians”? That may have been for good reason – today, the term “Christian” is one of the emptiest and most misunderstood buzzwords around. It only appears in the Bible three times, and it actually originated as a derisive and accusatory label used by people outside of the faith to characterize the early disciples’ rebellious disregard for Roman authority!

Today, the world continues to view “Christians” derisively – how many times have you heard it said that Christians are judgemental, bitter, homophobic, misogynistic, self-righteous hypocrites?

So let us reclaim “Christian”, by living as DISCIPLES of Jesus, as is clearly laid out in God’s word, and be known by our love for one another, as Jesus himself commands!

We will be going through a study series that will, Lord willing, help us to clearly understand what Jesus means when he calls us to be his disciples, and how to live it out in our lives, not just for us, but to glorify God, influence the world, and win souls for his kingdom!


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