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Xingyu Shui

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For ages: 18+

A little about this group.

Topic: Relationships with God

We will learn who God is to us, and who we are to him. We will study and scrutinize everything we do in our relationships with God – prayer, bible engagement, serving and ministry, etc. And we will study what God does in relationship with us through his Holy Spirit. Over the term, as we study and actively practice living out our relationships with God, we will learn how this relationship informs our witness when we share, serve, evangelize, and love those around us. We have structured the term to grow and equip you in ministry as leaders and disciplers as God has called you – opportunities to plan, lead, and teach parts are built into our group structure – much of each night will take place in breakout groups of 4-6 people who you will get to connect with and care for throughout the term, and we will build up to these breakouts becoming self-directed with everyone in the groups rotating through facilitating all the different parts of the study.  


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