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Xingyu Shui

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For ages: 18-30

A little about this group.

The Bible teaches us that God’s heart is for everyone, EVERYONE to be saved – so much so that he’s waited over 2000 years and counting to bring about the final day of judgement. So how can we reconcile that with a world and culture that seemingly wants nothing more than to rebel against God in every way possible? A world that for many Christians, includes our friends, family, and loved ones?

We will be going through a study series that will, Lord willing, help us to gain understanding of what it means to be kingdom citizens in a fallen world. We will be tackling (with the Lord’s help!) some of most divisive conversations between the world and God’s kingdom, such as morality, sexuality, and politics, to name a few.

This is a good group for you if:

– You are serious about taking your faith in God to the next level

– You’re tired of being limited by your comfort zone and are willing to step out of it and make real life changes

– You want to identify and reconcile discrepancies between what your words say you believe and what your actions say you believe

– You want to be part of a community of brothers and sisters who go beyond social connection, and pray for each other, wage spiritual battle alongside one another, encourage each other, and hold each other accountable in their commitments.

– You want to take concrete actions to be a witness for God’s kingdom in your sphere of influence

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