Christ’s Image Bearers

A small group for Business Professionals. We will meet over the lunch hour to alleviate spending extra hours in the evening. Join us to network with other Christian business people navigating the balance and intersection of work and faith. Meetings are hybrid, meaning we can meet in person, online, or both. We will come to … Read more

Discipleship Group

We seek to build personal relationships with God and others. We’ll be focusing on building a personal prayer life, listening to sermons on how to pray, the importance and posturing our heart in the place of prayer; and most importantly we’ll be praying :). We hope you’ll join us and look forward to meeting you!

Summer Gardening

Whether you’re a gardening novice just getting started, a seasoned expert with a flourishing green thumb, or find yourself somewhere in the middle, we’d love to connect and learn from one another. We’ll visit each other’s gardens for tips, tricks and help, while taking time to meet new people and grow our social circles. What … Read more

Small Group Help

Have you looked through each of the groups and found there just isn’t the right group for you? Please click the blue “contact group leader” button to let pastor Kim know. She’s continually working with people to create new groups to fit all sorts of needs and schedules. You never know, there could be a … Read more

Discipleship Pairs

Jesus calls every Christian to not only be a disciple but to also make disciples. In Proverbs, we are reminded that “as iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” Enough dull living, it’s time to come together to be sharpened by the Living Word. Email pastor Kim to sign up to disciple or be … Read more

KW Food Tour

We are a small group for people who love getting to know people over great food! We’ll meet twice per month to tour around Kitchener-Waterloo, checking out a curated list of restaurants from different ethnic backgrounds. Everyone covers their own food costs. We will select which evening works best for most people once everyone has … Read more

Board Games! (Fridays – weekly)

This group loves to laugh and have fun while getting to know other people! Join us for board games every Friday as we meet new people and play great games! Our meetings are focused on fun and getting to know others. To participate, please contact Pastor Kim by clicking the blue “contact group leader” button … Read more

Pioneer Park

We are a group of married couples who like to have fun together and grow in our faith as we study God’s word and pray. We will be starting off with a study on The Acts of the Apostles. This group is meeting virtually over Zoom meetings. To participate, please contact the small group leader … Read more

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