Message: “The Eye Of Their God” from Pastor Chris Padiath

Pastor Chris Padiath - July 10, 2022

The Eye Of Their God

Scripture References: Ezra 4:23-24, Ezra 5:1-5

From Series: "Ezra & Nehemiah"

God wants to inspire us to return and rebuild. Just as the aftermath of the exile meant that Jerusalem would never be the same, so too, the aftermath of the pandemic means that WPA will never be the same. Instead of giving up, God wants us to get to work. Just as God used Zerubbabel, Ezra, and Nehemiah to rebuild the foundation, temple, walls, and gates, God wants to use you to reconstruct the ministries of this church. Join us as we learn spiritual leadership lessons by studying nine powerful quotes from the books of Ezra & Nehemiah.

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