Our Global Workers and Local Partners

Felix, Cecelia & Hannah Chriseri

South Africa

Mark, Kim Alyssa, Madeleie & Caleb Steinfield


Darren, Patty, James & Darien McCrea


Adrian & Sharon Thomas

Dominican Republic

King of Kings Modi'in Church Plant


Restricted Access Nation


Our Partners

Organizations we partner with to further our reach in the community of Waterloo and the world.

Missions Highlight

Pastor Daniel recently visited one of our local mission partners, the Ontario Gleaners in Cambridge, who are doing great work in repurposing local vegetables to help alleviate food insecurity worldwide.
Thanks for your generosity. Your investment is making a missional impact around the world!

You too can get involved

We can do what we do because of the generosity of countless individuals such as yourself. By the giving of dollars and time through serving our global workers and local partners are able to make a lasting impact in the world and our community.