Our Global Workers and Local Partners

South Africa

Felix, Cecelia & Hannah Chiriseri

With an unemployment rate of about 35%, poverty is quite pronounced in South Africa. Felix and Cecelia are working with community leaders and local pastors to help them address their community issues, especially poverty. Through a Community Health Evangelism approach, they are training and empowering residents with skills to lift themselves out of poverty. Many whom they work with have never experienced the joy of working and producing. However, the moment they realize they can, their dependency mentality chains fall off, hence the emphasis on development rather than relief.

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Mark, Kim, Alyssa, Madeleie & Caleb Steinfield

Spain contains 7,000 towns and villages with no evangelical witness. It also has 15 unreached people groups. Geographically, the country is a tough and dry land. Sadly, the spiritual climate reflects this. With only 1.6% of the population being evangelical, many people are unresponsive to the gospel message.

As the assistant regional director for Eurasia, Mark oversees all educational initiatives, including leading the Salem Bible School in Madrid, established in 2018. They currently have 20 part-time students enrolled in the three-year program, training for full-time ministry. Mark also works closely with the national partner Salem Pentecostal churches and their main pastor Marcos Vidal to equip new church leaders.  

Kim provides member care, including life coaching, short-term counselling, and debriefing sessions, for the 50+ Eurasia global workers and their children. She helps to orientate them to their various ministry regions while providing them with holistic care at all stages of their ministries.  

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Darren, Patty, James & Darien McCrea

Darren and Patty help churches and leaders expand their thinking and horizons, to bring them new ideas to aid in their growth. They also help them with resources that will expand their churches, train their people, and allow them to plant new congregations.

They also lead evangelistic outreaches with national volunteers from multiple churches and international teams to minister in such places as schools, shopping centres, and parks. They help diverse churches to connect with people of all backgrounds, including local children’s homes, addicts, and those in desperate need. They also seek to build churches, children’s homes, and schools.  

Together they both work with various children’s ministries, but Patty specially focuses on children at risk. With decades of experience teaching children on the streets and other children with learning difficulties, she loves to come alongside each child, to respond to their individual needs, while also training volunteers to work closely with them.

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Dominican Republic

Adrian & Sharon Thomas

Oversee Everyday Ministries Canada, which seeks to bring multi-faceted support to pastors in the Dominican Republic from over 15 denominations in 120 communities. They train, teach, and mentor small and large groups of pastors and leaders, especially those in rural settings who tend to lack necessary resources. They also partner with local churches and pastors, to organize and execute events focused on reaching and making disciples of people of all ages. They also help lead pastors’ retreats and conferences, ladies conferences, seminary and vocational seminars, and a Community and Family Resource Center, which offers counselling and teaching for families. Their overall goal in what they do is to care for pastors holistically, caring for their spiritual, physical, economic, and social needs.

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King of Kings Modi'in Church Plant

In Israel, more than 98% of Hebrew-speaking Israelis have not received the gospel. The city of Modi’in, in Israel, is a fast-growing community of 100,000 people situated on the road from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. The area is rapidly industrializing and expected to grow by 150% in the next decade, mostly due to young Jewish families moving there for work. King of Kings Community is a trusted PAOC partner with more than 18 church plants, 22 outreach ministries and is a founding member of the Israel College of the Bible. They are called to be a compelling, Messiah-centered, Spirit-empowered, disciple-making community revealing the true face of Yeshua (Jesus) to Israel and the nations. Through a community outreach and social uplift approach, King of Kings is bringing the truth and hope of Jesus to an unreached community in Modi’in.
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M & E - Restricted Access Nation

After successfully serving the least reached in North Africa and seeing the completion of an audio recording of the New and Old Testaments in the heart language of the people, M. and E. are now continuing their work among a frontier group in South East Asia. Their ministry is twofold: 1. To engage the people of this 99.9% Muslim with the life changing message of the gospel, 2. To facilitate the Business Incubator, which is a tool to help establish God honouring businesses that have a heart to spread the gospel in their local contexts.
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Southeast Asia

Multiple thousands of women and children are sex trafficked daily in this Southeast Asian country. In fact, with each passing year, the age becomes younger. In response to this, the incredible team at ACR who seeks to rescue and rehabilitate women and children who have been trafficked into sexual slavery, bonded labour, and child marriages. ACR encompasses a girls’ home, sewing centre, literacy centres, and self-help groups for women to do sewing, candle-making, basket weaving, cooking, and baking, etc. Most of the women and children we rescue are illiterate with no sense of self-worth.

For more information: https://paoc.org/donate/paulw

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A few times a year we send teams to small local communities and ministry partners across the globe. Contact us for more information about Short Term Mission trips.

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