Who are my “30”?
Consider the people that you know or would like to know better because they are in your sphere of influence on a regular basis. Perhaps it is a family member, a friend, someone from your church family, your neighbours, your co-workers, your hairdresser or barber, the barista at your local coffee shop or the parents of your children’s friends or a grocery store clerk.

What now?
Think of an intentional way of engaging one person on your list each day. Write a card, make a call, send a text, show up for a “socially distanced” visit, do a random act of kindness, take a moment to chat outside, get to know more about them, discern and pray for a need or meet a tangible need with your resources.

Why now?
One aspect of our vision is to be missionally vital. This means being present and engaged with intentionality in the lives of people. This is also a way that we can extend care and concern for those in our congregation and those in our community. The hope is that over time you will have opportunities to show them the love of Jesus, share your testimony and share the gospel.

For how long?
The duration of this initiative is one-year long. After prayerfully discerning your “30”, reach out to one person on your list each day and continue to follow up with them every month for the duration of 2021. This means that you will reach out to thirty people, twelve times over a year. If seven-hundred and fifty people joined us actively in this initiative, we have the potential to connect and care for 22,500 people! This is how we make a missional impact in the Kitchener-Waterloo Region.

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