A Christian friend of mine had some terrible financial news – her accountant had not submitted her income tax return in time and the government had cut her monthly pension in half until the information they needed (from her income tax form) was provided She became very anxious very fast – worried that she would lose her apartment, that she would not have money for groceries, etc. I prayed with her and reminded her that God was her provider and knew what she needed and that God could solve her situation in more ways than she or I could imagine – by having friends or family offer her money, by getting favour with the government. I also gave her practical advice and she called the government to see what the problem was and it was what we suspected – but the civil servant said that she would trust my friend to get her income tax in and would put the money into her account as soon as possible. In the meantime, a friend gave her a loan, her daughter-in-law just gave her money and an acquaintance bused to her house with some groceries. The accountant filed the income tax in plenty of time, the money came into her bank earlier than promised and she had an opportunity to witness to her accountant, a non-believer.

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