When I was about 14 years old I was attending my home church in Parry Sound when the service ended everyone was leaving. I was waiting for the family I was living with to finish what they were doing when I noticed a woman sitting alone in the pews. Something inside me told me to go to this woman and just sit with her, so I did. I sat with her and I spoke with her. She was having a hard time and we sat, we prayed, we hugged and we cried together.
Every Sunday after that we would make a point to see one another and speak and hug as we did that day.
We are still in contact to this day and although we aren’t close to one another anymore, we send each other virtual hugs and continue to pray for one another and support each other from afar. I had the blessing to be invited to her wedding a few years after we met and it was the most wonderful and joyous time I had ever had.