Nancy Seiling

My mom is in a long term care facility, and one time when I went to visit her, she was still in the dining room, so I knelt by her and talked to her until she was ready to go back to her room. A woman at another table kept calling for the staff to take her apron, but they were too busy, so I went over and took it and put it on the table and she asked me where her room was. I said, Well what’s your name?” and her answer was “I don’t know”. I laughed and said “Well, this puts me in a bit of a bind,.” Suddenly she said “June, my name is June.” I brightened up and said “My birthday is in June. I Love your name.” We got to talking a little bit about her lunch and then a helper came to whisk her away and thanked me over and over for my kindness and I went back to mom’s table.
I may not have done much, but for awhile June felt loved and appreciated, and I was once more reminded that it isn’t the big things that count, but the little ones. Good lesson for me.

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