Helping Kids Turn Anger Into Wisdom: Trash, Truth, Treasure

When our child gets teased, battered, and bullied by another child’s hurtful words, we parents are inclined to step in and fix it by saying things like, “Oh honey, that’s not true.” Or, “You don’t deserve that.” Or maybe we’ll criticize the aggressor (especially if that aggressor is an older sibling). Quick fix responses like this may settle things down in the short-term, but keep parents in the role of managing all the difficult emotions instead of empowering kids.

This article outlines how to equip kids to filter what others say and to respond wisely instead of covering hurt feelings with anger. We’ve coached many parents on how to equip their kids with wisdom to assess the value of what others say to them. You too can help your children learn to place the things others say to them in one of three categories: Trash, Truth and Treasure.

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