How to Share Hope (But Not Germs) This Year

I want to tell you how to share hope (but not germs) this year. Huh? Let me explain. I had to sneeze recently—in a restaurant. Now, do you remember back in 2019 when you would sneeze around folks and someone would say, “Bless you”? Now, it’s like—HIDE YOUR KIDS! I tried to stop it, like making the ugly faces, holding my breath, and shaking my head, but there was no stopping it. Then it happened. And it wasn’t just one sneeze, but multiple sneezes that sounded like a small freight train passing through the restaurant. When my sneeze marathon finally ended, I did what everyone does at that point … I raised my hand and in a very loud voice said, “It’s just sinuses!”

Why am I telling you this? Well for one, it makes me feel better writing about it, and two, it’s because times are a little different right now, aren’t they? Who could have known that COVID-19, social distancing, and the CDC would be the most frequently used words of 2020? And because of everything going on, there are people out there today who have lost hope.

But as followers of Jesus, we are hope dealers! Our circumstances may change, but our hope doesn’t. We have the answer, and that answer is Jesus Christ!

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