The Lewis Note is a collection of stories, writings, and thoughts by Rachel Lewis. Here’s what Rachel says about what you will find on this site.


Hello friend. I’m Rachel.

I’m so glad you stopped in to my cozy little corner on the web, an intimate place where I delve in deep to the meaningful in life.

Here’s just a little about me and what you’ll find here:

I believe in the power of story. My story is not always pretty, but it is raw and real, truthful and transparent.

Sharing our stories is one of the most impactful ways we connect with each other. It’s a way to wrestle with who we are, discover what we believe, and clarify our deepest values.

My story here begins with my journey to family. You can read about the babies I loved and didn’t get to keep. The pregnancies that meant everything to me — a few resulting in babies in my arms, and too many resulting in grief in my heart.

I open up about adoption and fostering. How we learned to love. How we learned to let go.

But I have come to learn that the words I share here are about so much more than family. It’s holding space for each other. It’s about …

Learning to find hope when you feel like you’re barely hanging on.

Finding your people when you are certain you’re the only one going through something hard.

Becoming resilient in the face of deep pain and suffering.

Affirming the worth and value in all people.

Discovering a faith that I could live with. One I could lose with.

Trusting in a God who does not just save but also redeems.

So yes, you’ll find a lot of my stories in these pages. But I think as you read, you’ll discover a lot of what makes you YOU here, too: Your deep desires, fears, joys, hopes, losses and love.

So here’s to story …






A life intentionally lived.

Losses redeemed.

And faith restored.

Welcome to my corner. I’m so glad to know you’re here.