Presence vs. Proximity – How neighbourliness reveals our morality

Several years ago, I began the process of re-orienting my entire way of life within the proximity of my neighbourhood and began deceptively simple practices that I now think have the potential to be staggering in their scope in helping us and others live well. My imagination was sparked for another way of living and … Read more

A Call to the One – Investing in the next generation

Honest confession: I was reluctant to say “Yes” to the call of God. I remember the moment so clearly, kneeling in the back prayer room at Lakeshore Camp in Cobourg, Ont. In that time of prayer, an inner sense came to me so clearly—God was calling me into full-time ministry. My immediate response was not … Read more

Shepherd My Sheep: How to Lead Biblically

Irv Busenitz | May 03, 2023 He said to him again a second time, “Simon, son of John, do you love Me?” He said to Him, “Yes, Lord; You know that I love You.” He said to him, “Shepherd My sheep.” John 21:16 Scripture calls everyone to lead in one way or another. Mankind was created to … Read more

Leading “Pentecostally” Creating New Opportunities For People To Encounter Jesus

William Sloos Within this rapidly secularizing culture, the church struggles to maintain its relevancy. Seismic shifts in moral, social and spiritual patterns among emerging generations occur at unprecedented levels in society and the church. Among Millennials and Gen Zs, individualism and consumerism dominate their thinking and inform their behaviour; they base their choices on feelings … Read more

Pentecostal Prophets: Experience in Old Testament Perspective

Stephen Barkley has written a wonderful book regarding the prophetic. This book can be found in WPA’s Lending Library or purchased online. Prophets come in many varieties–ecstatic worshipers, inspired preachers, social justice advocates, and even political pundits. Their messages vary accordingly. The purpose of this book is to dig beneath the message to understand the … Read more

Prophetic Discernment In An Uncertain World

The last King of Judah was having a very bad day. His rule was insecure from the start. Everyone knew he was a mere puppet—installed by the authority of Babylon after King Nebuchadnezzar dethroned his nephew, Jehoiachin. The Babylonian siege was brutal, leaving Jerusalem a vassal state with little hope. Yet here was Zedekiah in the temple … Read more

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