Education And Pentecostalism

What does education look like through the eyes of those empowered by the Spirit who recognize God at work in the world? Pentecostal and Charismatic Education: Renewalist Education Wherever it is Found explores the answers. If we believe the Holy Spirit is still the transformative Spirit of God at work in the world, then we can confidently … Read more

Revival And The Dynamic Intensity Of The Spirit

In 2015, I read a book by Michael Horton called Ordinary: Sustainable Faith in a Radical, Restless World. I appreciated his overall message—while some Christians emphasize the need to live an extraordinary or radical life, he emphasized living an ordinary Christian life and the value of the ordinary aspects of ministry. He wrote, “It’s precisely the ordinary ministry, week-in and … Read more

Leading “Pentecostally” Creating New Opportunities For People To Encounter Jesus

William Sloos Within this rapidly secularizing culture, the church struggles to maintain its relevancy. Seismic shifts in moral, social and spiritual patterns among emerging generations occur at unprecedented levels in society and the church. Among Millennials and Gen Zs, individualism and consumerism dominate their thinking and inform their behaviour; they base their choices on feelings … Read more

Pentecostal Prophets: Experience in Old Testament Perspective

Stephen Barkley has written a wonderful book regarding the prophetic. This book can be found in WPA’s Lending Library or purchased online. Prophets come in many varieties–ecstatic worshipers, inspired preachers, social justice advocates, and even political pundits. Their messages vary accordingly. The purpose of this book is to dig beneath the message to understand the … Read more

Prophetic Discernment In An Uncertain World

The last King of Judah was having a very bad day. His rule was insecure from the start. Everyone knew he was a mere puppet—installed by the authority of Babylon after King Nebuchadnezzar dethroned his nephew, Jehoiachin. The Babylonian siege was brutal, leaving Jerusalem a vassal state with little hope. Yet here was Zedekiah in the temple … Read more

Discerning Culture’s Subtle Messages Using Truth and Logic

Culture has some catchy slogans. So many sound nice on the surface but are lacking in meaning. Some are partially true, but wrapped up in a lie. Some even refute themselves. But many of the world’s lies aren’t so blatantly obvious. They’re subtle and sneak up on you when you least expect it. Let’s examine … Read more