Pushing Back Against MAID: Exploring Alternatives

The statistics are arresting. Between 2020 and 2021, there was a 32.4 per cent increase in the number of hastened deaths in Canada, a total of 10,064 in 2021.1 Of those opting for assisted suicide, 86.3 per cent said the reason for requesting death was the loss of ability to engage in meaningful activities.2 And access to … Read more


When we experience trauma, it can rewrite how we see the world, how we see others and how we see ourselves. Multiple studies have shown that trauma can fundamentally alter someone’s brain, causing them to struggle for years without realizing the underlying issue. To help you understand this large, complex area of mental health, Focus … Read more

Practical Ways to Manage Mind and Heart Disruptions

PRACTICAL WAYS: – Meditate on the Word of God (Find Scriptures the speak to you and grounds yourself in them.) – Listen to soothing or upbeat music (it can lower your blood pressure, heart rate and anxiety.) – Practice deep breathing (take 5-minutes break from whatever is on your mind and focus on your breathing. … Read more

Do Not Trust Your Anger

Our world, including our Christian circles, gives us opportunities galore for anger. It’s not as though provocations lie on only one side of the theological, political, or cultural divides. Bob Dylan was right: “Everything is broken.” No wonder, then, that a whole lot can light the fuse of our anger. Anger is a judging emotion. It … Read more

How to Deal with Anxiety as a Christian

Anxiety is not that simple because it often misunderstood to be simply that a person is stressing too much. There is a distinct difference between the sin of anxiety and the mental health disorder of anxiety that is characterized by physical changes in the brain. Anxiety is both a mental health issue and a spiritual … Read more

Getting Porn out of Your Life and Marriage

Husbands and wives are hurting all over the world, searching for answers to break free from porn. COVID-19 has given people a prime opportunity to either sink further into the trap of addiction or to take a stand against it and finally get free. I hope, if you struggle, that you choose the latter.The foundational … Read more

The Fierce Goodbye: Hope in the wake of suicide

One December day, the daughter-in-law of Lloyd and Gwendolyn Carr shot herself. Like any suicide, this one left a family with immense pain and many questions. But unlike most families surviving a suicide, this one included a trained biblical scholar and a sensitive poet. Besides facing and attempting to deal with the unavoidable grief, Lloyd … Read more

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