Parent Empowerment Seminar: How can I keep my kids interested on Sundays?

One thing we value at WPA is families worshipping together. Worshipping together can be an impactful moment amongst families, but it can also be a real struggle. This talk is about why families worshipping together is so important and ways you can help your child stay interested and invested on Sundays.

Kids of Integrity

As a faith-filled parent, you want to help your children develop Christlike attitudes and behaviour. But this important responsibility can seem overwhelming. How do you know where to start? Kids of Integrity is a set of free lesson plans that will help you coach your kids with confidence and a clear sense of direction. Suitable … Read more

Parenting Resouces

Free family devotions, activity kits for kids, discussion guides for parents and more

Helping Kids Turn Anger Into Wisdom: Trash, Truth, Treasure

When our child gets teased, battered, and bullied by another child’s hurtful words, we parents are inclined to step in and fix it by saying things like, “Oh honey, that’s not true.” Or, “You don’t deserve that.” Or maybe we’ll criticize the aggressor (especially if that aggressor is an older sibling). Quick fix responses like … Read more

How to Share Hope (But Not Germs) This Year

I want to tell you how to share hope (but not germs) this year. Huh? Let me explain. I had to sneeze recently—in a restaurant. Now, do you remember back in 2019 when you would sneeze around folks and someone would say, “Bless you”? Now, it’s like—HIDE YOUR KIDS! I tried to stop it, like … Read more

The Bible App for Kids

Everything kids need to fall in love with God’s Word. App  Videos/Activities  Curriculum  Bible Storybook

Finding my Identity as a Working Millennial Mom

I’m sure most of us would welcome a bit more romance and adventure. We can relate to the desire for self-confidence, a sense of purpose, identity, and meaning in life. But a romanticized view of the journey can cause us to look for identity or fulfillment in the wrong places, forgetting the good we already … Read more

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