Many are unsure of how to pray during these difficult days as the world watches the Ukraine-Russia crisis unfold. Please click the link below for a list of current prayer needs from PAOC’s Ukrainian Global Workers.

Masks, Mandates…and the Mission of God

There has been a lot of frustration recently over the imposition of various restrictions due to the Coronavirus. Masks, vaccines, quarantines, social distancing, limitations on gatherings, canceled sporting events and the list goes on. All this and more have created anxiety, fear, frustration, and a longing to just get on with life. I get it, … Read more

Cardus means┬ámain street. They are here seeking common good, even where streets are emptied and we’re apart. Such flourishing can only happen if we truly understand how we work justly, how we live peaceably in our communities, how we learn well in our schools, how our families thrive, and how our laws support foundational freedoms. … Read more

What Does Christian Political Discourse Look Like?

Given the pandemic, politics has increasingly entered into our minds. Christians have felt the need to equip themselves to understand the political situation. While it is important to so, I want to suggest that we have an even greater need. We need to know how we should talk about politics ethically because we have fallen … Read more

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