When we experience trauma, it can rewrite how we see the world, how we see others and how we see ourselves. Multiple studies have shown that trauma can fundamentally alter someone’s brain, causing them to struggle for years without realizing the underlying issue. To help you understand this large, complex area of mental health, Focus … Read more

Parent Empowerment Seminar: How can I keep my kids interested on Sundays?

One thing we value at WPA is families worshipping together. Worshipping together can be an impactful moment amongst families, but it can also be a real struggle. This talk is about why families worshipping together is so important and ways you can help your child stay interested and invested on Sundays.

Parenting Resouces

Free family devotions, activity kits for kids, discussion guides for parents and more

How to talk about Jesus with people who disagree

Have you ever had to choose between truth and love? Sometimes, the truth can feel harsh and unloving, but can we really love someone without telling them the truth? It isn’t unusual to wrestle with balancing what is right with what we feel, but what if we didn’t have to choose between truth and love? … Read more

Practical Ways to Manage Mind and Heart Disruptions

PRACTICAL WAYS: – Meditate on the Word of God (Find Scriptures the speak to you and grounds yourself in them.) – Listen to soothing or upbeat music (it can lower your blood pressure, heart rate and anxiety.) – Practice deep breathing (take 5-minutes break from whatever is on your mind and focus on your breathing. … Read more