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We live in a day and age where information is endless and culture is loud. To support people in their quest for knowledge, direction, and understanding, we have created a digital library of resources from articles, books, bible studies, apps, podcasts, and more that are Bible-based and Spiritually directed. In a world full of opinions, let’s first seek to know and share the wisdom of God.

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Bible Study

How to talk about Jesus with people who disagree

Have you ever had to choose between truth and love? Sometimes, the truth can feel harsh and unloving, but can we really love someone without telling them the truth? It isn’t unusual to wrestle with balancing what is right with what we feel, but what

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Many are unsure of how to pray during these difficult days as the world watches the Ukraine-Russia crisis unfold. Please click the link below for a list of current prayer needs from PAOC’s Ukrainian Global Workers.

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Masks, Mandates…and the Mission of God

There has been a lot of frustration recently over the imposition of various restrictions due to the Coronavirus. Masks, vaccines, quarantines, social distancing, limitations on gatherings, canceled sporting events and the list goes on. All this and more have created anxiety, fear, frustration, and a

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Practical Ways to Manage Mind and Heart Disruptions

PRACTICAL WAYS: – Meditate on the Word of God (Find Scriptures the speak to you and grounds yourself in them.) – Listen to soothing or upbeat music (it can lower your blood pressure, heart rate and anxiety.) – Practice deep breathing (take 5-minutes break from

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First Nations Ministries – PAOC

First Nations Ministries is a specific ministry of the Western Ontario District of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada.  It was first formed in the 1950s as Ontario Northland Mission, then in the 1990s, it became Aboriginal Pentecostal Ministries. We seek to support pastors called to

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