Friday February 24

Every so often we pause our programming so our small groups can simply have a night to connect with one another in a low-key way. It’s a great night to get to know your leaders better, invite a friend, and reconnect. WHAT IS YOUR SMALL GROUP DOING? Kieran & Anastasia Barry & Rae Janice & … Read more


Considering Paradigms within our Relationships We all have paradigms (concepts, thought patters, theories & standards) when it comes to how we relate to each other. Some are healthy but some can create the pain and hurt we feel. Many times we don’t even realize we have a paradigm until things go wrong, and then we’re left to … Read more

Snow Tubing at Chicopee

JANUARY 27 ~ 7-9pm GRADES 6-12COST $30 before January 27th We’re heading over to Chicopee Tube Park for a fun night of Snow Tubing. Please wear snow boots and weather appropriate clothing. DROP OFF & PICK UP: 7-9pm at Chicopee Tube Park, 1600 River Rd E, KitchenerBRING money if you would like to purchase snacks/merchandise … Read more

Wednesday – Sept 28th

8-9pm on Zoom One thing we value at WPA are families worshipping together. Worshipping together can be an impactful moment amongst families, but it can also be a real struggle. Pastor Andrew will be holding a one hour zoom call about why families worshipping together is so important and ways you can help your child … Read more