Lead Pastor Update 1/31

Good morning!

My name is Judy Hearn and I serve on the board here at WPA and also have the privilege of serving as the Chair of the search committee.

Over the past number of months the Search Committee has been busy identifying numerous possible names for WPA’s next Lead Pastor. Potential candidates were contacted and asked if they would pray about this ministry opportunity. A few of these were open to considering this position, and the Committee has individually spent vast amounts of time prayerfully considering and researching each candidate further to affirm whether they fit the profile we are looking for. To this point we are all in agreement that none of these candidates are the one God wants for WPA.

Sensing we are at a critical point in this journey, the Search Committee recently spent considerable time waiting on the Lord together to just listen to what the Spirit is saying to us. Some clear themes came out of this time:calm, peace, no need to force or push, the Spirit was saying to us “this is my church, let me do my work”.

We determined at this meeting that we would continue to review names submitted to us for consideration over the coming weeks, however we do not feel the need to rush or force things. In God’s perfect timing He will reveal his chosen Lead Pastor for WPA.

Again, thank you for your continued prayers during this crucial period of time. It is so important that we all make this a matter of prayer.  If you can please join us at 9:30am Sunday mornings in the Fireside room to spend some time in prayer together.

If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions or names for us to consider, please email search@wpa.church