GRADES 9-12+ Overflow is a large Christian event for students from across denominations. The event exists to impact this generation with the powerful message of Jesus through creative worship and biblical teaching. Like the dawn of a new day, the FIRST LIGHT, our hope is found knowing that this darkness is passing, and we can … Read more


GRADES 6-8 Jr High Retreat is an overnight 24 hour(ish) experience where students in grades 6-8 can escape the norms of their life to grow together, have fun, and refresh their souls. There are moments when we feel we don’t have enough figured out or aren’t good enough. But Jesus just doesn’t ask us to … Read more

Friday February 24

Every so often we pause our programming so our small groups can simply have a night to connect with one another in a low-key way. It’s a great night to get to know your leaders better, invite a friend, and reconnect. WHAT IS YOUR SMALL GROUP DOING? Kieran & Anastasia Barry & Rae Janice & … Read more


Considering Paradigms within our Relationships We all have paradigms (concepts, thought patters, theories & standards) when it comes to how we relate to each other. Some are healthy but some can create the pain and hurt we feel. Many times we don’t even realize we have a paradigm until things go wrong, and then we’re left to … Read more

Snow Tubing at Chicopee

JANUARY 27 ~ 7-9pm GRADES 6-12COST $30 before January 27th We’re heading over to Chicopee Tube Park for a fun night of Snow Tubing. Please wear snow boots and weather appropriate clothing. DROP OFF & PICK UP: 7-9pm at Chicopee Tube Park, 1600 River Rd E, KitchenerBRING money if you would like to purchase snacks/merchandise … Read more


OCTOBER 14 GRADES 6-12 The Friday Night Change Concert is a massive party — designed specifically for students to invite their friends to hear and respond to the life-changing hope and love of Jesus. We’ll be joining hundreds of other students from Southwestern Ontario for a great night of fun. BUS LEAVES WPA at 5:30pm … Read more


GRADES 6-8 Momentum Junior High Convention is a conference designed specifically for middle school students!  It’s a high energy event with a focus on leading students into a deeper relationship with Christ through worship and biblical teaching designed for them!  The weekend is full of team games and fun activities for them to participate in. … Read more


GRADES 9-12 High School Fall Retreat is something we always look forward to! This year we’re joining with 10 other youth groups for a time away to worship, learn, make new friends, reconnect with friends, and encounter Jesus in new ways. BUS LEAVES WPA at 5:30pm FridayBUS RETURNS to WPA at approximately 2pm SundayTRAVELLING by … Read more