Lead Pastor Update 3/13

Good morning!

My name is Matt Seiling and I’m a current WPA Board Member. In that role I’m also serving on the WPA Pastoral Search Committee. As a general reminder, the search committee is made up of all members of the WPA elders committee as well as the individuals who have served, or are serving, on WPA’s board during this transition season.

In our last update we highlighted that the committee, after common prayer and deliberation, had concluded we did NOT sense a leading with any candidates considered to that point in time. The committee was very comfortable with the Spirit’s leading in this regard. In the intervening weeks we have continued to pray, meet together, and consult regularly with our district support, Scott Doggart.

Through that process we have once again cultivated a short list of possible candidates. We are now in the process of completing further background research on the candidates, conducting church visits, and continuing to seek the discernment of God’s will over the next few weeks. We anticipate providing an update in April.

We are moving forward in genuine anticipation of what God has in store for WPA. We also remain grateful for the prayer and input you have provided throughout this period and continue to welcome input through the email search@wpa.church

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