Spiritual Gift Test

Have you taken a Spiritual Gift test lately?

A Spiritual Gift Test can help reveal and better understand the gifts given by God. Take a test yourself by visiting www.spiritualgiftstest.com.

We would love to know your results! Use the form below to let us know what your top three gifts were from the test.

Spiritual Gift Test Results

  • *HINT - While clicking with the mouse, press and hold the control key to highlight more than one option.

Spiritual Gift Test

On Sunday, January 22 during our morning service Pastor Chris talked about Gifts of the Holy Spirit. You can listen to the message free online here. In the message Pastor Chris encourages us to better understand the relationship we have the Holy Spirit and what role the Holy Spirit plays out in our lives. As a take home, Spiritual Gift tests were made available at the end of the service. If you would like a copy of that test you can pick up a printed copy on Sundays in the foyer at WPA or head over to www.spiritualgiftstest.com and download a copy for yourself.

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