Lead Pastor Update 5/1

“As indicated last Sunday, the Search Committee met this past week to prayerfully consider the initial candidate interviews that were conducted.

Upon additional discussion, reflection, and a time of prayer, the committee has concluded that it will proceed with an additional interview with one of the candidates. At this time, the committee is still focused on further identifying whether the candidate truly represents a fit with WPA as a church and where we are moving as church body.

Likewise, we expect the particular individual to be engaged in their own process of attempting to discern and identify their ministry fit with WPA.

We expect the meeting will take place over the next few weeks as schedules permit.

It can be easy to assume that when a single individual is being interviewed- the individual is on a ‘fast track’ that will culminate in being invited to ‘preach for a call’. We want to emphasize that we are still very much exploring a fit and seeking discernment at this point. We will not present a candidate to the congregation until such time as we are comfortable that God has directed us to that point as a committee, and any such candidate has a similar leading.

As previously noted, you can provide any feedback, which we continue to receive and review, at search@wpa.church